Thursday June 24 – 9pm est. ONLY ON TWITCH

FIRE UP YOUR STUDIOS AND GET READY TO MAKE BEATS LIVE!! This will happen all on Twitch LIVE… JUST SHOW UP! All contestants will be given 1 sample loop to download live on Twitch. You will have 1 hour to create and submit only 1 beat in MP3 format. All genres of music are accepted. All beats will be played LIVE on Twitch after the 1 hour time limit. Prizes and giveaways will be given to the hottest beats! DISQUALIFICATIONS: submitting more than one beat, not using the sample given, beat not submitted in 1 hour, beat not in .mp3 format

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5 replies on “SAMPLE FLIP CONTEST”

The limit is up to you. Just remember the better you make your beat the more chance you have to win. 👍🏾

Coming soon. Make sure you are subscribed to this website and following on IG. You won’t miss it.

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