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Welcome to DUNGEON PALACE STUDIOS©. We pride ourselves in providing a creative, safe, professional, working environment for a wide range of vocal recording artist.  Learn about music production, audio engineering, and how to become a better vocalist from our team of professionals.  At more than affordable rates we concentrate specifically on getting you the sound you deserve. Is this your first visit to DUNGEON PALACE STUDIOS? Book your very own personal listening session to sit and speak with a representative about your goals and how we can help you reach them.

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15 replies on “DUNGEON PALACE STUDIOS© Toronto”

Thanx for the quick studio session and getting me in on short notice. I’ve already booked 3 more sessions in advance. yeeeeh baby!!
PS. Da Drank Kang is FIIIIIIIINE!!! lady’s look out!! HAHAHA!

Dungeon Palace Studios is the truth!! Man thank you so much for providing this place to make quality music at these type of prices! I’m coming back! No doubt!

I did 4 projects songs with this studio and all of them came out great. I like how these guys don’t just record you. They teach you about sound and how to get the best possible quality specifically for your song. I’m bringing all my work here from now on!

Great studio. I learned a lot in just 2 sessions of recording. Thanks Drank Kang and Dungeon Palace

I have recorded in a lot of studios in Toronto but this was definitely a different experience. This guy actually teaches. Thx bro I’m booking again this week.

This place is proof that you don’t need to be in a expensive studio that charges bogus money to record your music. and I got a fire beat. Respects to Drank Kang for hooking me up.

Great studio. I learned a lot in just 2 sessions of recording. Thanks Drank Kang and Dungeon Palace

Dope set up. Bigups to Drank Kang for coming to Toronto and giving us this opportunity. I’m trying to sign with Purple world entertainment. 💯

yoo this studio is dope, I like how clear our vocals came out, and how much patience they had wid us cuz my rap partner at the time had never been in a recording studio before, and was also starting out rapping, they also taught us to speed up the process at the beginning to know what the bpm is of our track, deff gonna go back to work, place is lit!
WHoop WHoop

Dungeon Palace studio is crazzzzzy. Its about time someone brought a different sound to Tdot. Respect to da man dem from the south. If you looking to record with a great group of people this is where you wana be real deal music! #teamPurpleWorld is hot

Thanks Dungeon Palace for getting my tracks straight. Had a bad experience with a different studio. Took my work here and the mixing and mastering came out dope for a better price. Thanks for the great service.

I’m a producer in Toronto and heard about this place from my boy. I booked one session and brought a few of my beats to get better at my production skills. Da Drank Kang helped me a lot with beat structure and how to make a simple beat sound better and get it ready to sell. Since then I’ve sold 4 beats using his methods of production. I put my stamp on this studio. If you making music producer of artist this is definitely the place you want to be.

Dungeon Palace Studio wooop wooop! Those beats are off the hook and the recording time was very affordable. Can’t wait to do more work with you guys!

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