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THIS TRACK IS ON FIRE!!! “Jockin’ My Style”


Hit that LIKE button and SHARE the new PurpleWorld joint from Da Drank Kang “Jockin’ My Style”


Be on the look out for the “When It Rains It P.O.O.R.S.” mixtape Vol. 2 coming soon!

13 replies on “THIS TRACK IS ON FIRE!!! “Jockin’ My Style””

The truth is all in the song’s title!!! Jockin’ is the best form of flattery. #Banger #tPW

Another HIT!!! LOVE IT…….The beat, that voice, from start to finish ABSOLUTE FYA!!
Keep em coming DA DRANK KANG!!!

Heartfelt thanks. We appreciate your support. Couldn’t do it without the support of our fans

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#teamPurpleWorld #SALUTE

Everybody wants to Jock your style but nobody can. #dadrankkang is one of a kind. Find your own style peeps

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