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#teamPurpleWorld IT’S COMING … “THE TRUTH”


"THE TRUTH" ft. Da Drank Kang

Da Drank Kang is back at it again with his new release track entitled “THE TRUTH” off the highly anticipated debut album “READY FOR YOU”

#teamPurpleWorld get ready for “THE TRUTH”

Check out some of the preview tracks off the debut album “READY FOR YOU”

“TURN IT UP” feat. Da Drank Kang

“I DO IT” feat. Da Drank Kang & Military Savage

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*****SPECIAL RELEASE***** “Sincerely Yours” ft. Da Drank Kang

SINCERELY YOURS is a special release track from Da Drank Kang thanking everyone who has made PurpleWorld Entertainment what it is today.

Much hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is how we have achieved success, but nothing could be done without your support.

THANK YOU… from Da Drank Kang

Download Mp3 HERE