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From Louisiana to Texas to Florida to New York to California to Toronto We are Here! PurpleWorld is on a Rise!

PurpleWorld Entertainment is bringing you the hottest in Southern Hip Hop from the artist known as Da Drank Kang



#teamPurpleWorld was formed for all who support and follow Da Drank Kang through PurpleWorld Entertainment. We are a team of soljas and solja girls that live by the code of GOD FAMILY HONOR AND RESPECT. Love is the corner stone of any foundation. We are on a rise!  Join and gain a large list of business contacts from every industry major or minor as well as meet a large list of cool people who are ready to welcome you… Yes we always show love.


**** IMPORTANT ****

  • send a tweet to @DaDrankKang
    with the “#teamPurpleWorld CODE: GOD FAMILY HONOR RESPECT LOVE

You are now ready to be connected to #teamPurpleWorlds Soljas and Solja Girls!

Build your twitter following and meet new people now!

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185 replies on “HOW TO JOIN #teamPurpleWorld on your social media”

As a member of #TeamPurpleWorld I have had the honor 2 meet new friends and become apart of a fabulous gain team on twitter. This team is full of gorgeous/handsome, loyal, and meaningful ppl.

#teamPurpleWorld is the best team on twitter & it also brings the hottest music to blast on your speakers. No matter your musical taste #teamPurpleWorld has something for you. So get w/ the team #teamPurpleWorld WE ON A RISE!

A MUST MUST MUST join…TeamPurpleWorld is the badddddest gain team where you will meet the best and be treated like the best. This team will show you nothing but love & respect every time. Follow @DaDrankKang for the hottest music & join the best!!

#teamPurpleWorld is the best team on twitter & it also brings the hottest music to blast on your speakers. No matter your musical taste #teamPurpleWorld has something for you. So get w/ the team!
#teamPurpleWorld WE ON A RISE!

Southern hospitality is truly felt with #teampurpleworld. The beats be bangin 24/7 with #DaDrankKang. Makes me shake everything my momma gave me. #teampurpleworld is on the rise.

Dear all My very special #teamPurpleWorld💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜 friends, the #BOSS, @DaDrankKang himself has Told me How you’re all 💜🌟💜 surportive of me, in My current illness, so I really just Wanted To boomerang, that very Same l💜ve, back To you all, #teamPurpleWorld💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜 😘 To all of you x💜x💜x💜x💜. Much Love, To all of you & (of course) the #BOSS, 💜🌟💜DaDrankKang; himself🌟💜🌟 Btw, you’re all My Family, as i have no’one else💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟 😘💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜🌟💜💜💜🌟💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🌟💜🌟💜

Dear @dadrankkang thankyou for letting me join #teampurpleworld i loveeeee it & all my followers.. follow me if your not already…. @missuhmanda ..cheerss loves.

✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜🌟 heavenSent Club, l💛Ve it sOoOo much! #teamPurpleWorld #tpwt F💜rever (My nickname) is “Semper~Fidelis” in (latin) for those Who Don’t know latin💐 means “Alway’s~Loyal”… Thankyou💜✨💜💛☔💛✨💜✨ @DaDrankKang… ✨💝✨

Wats up everyone I’m new to the #TeamPurpleWorld and I wanted to introduce myself to everyone! I’m here n FL with dreams of opening a chain of Night Clubs! But hope all is good with everyone

SALUTATIONS #teamPurpleWorld…. I am the #Skyye_Highness know as @Scorpio_Mind_31 amongst the Twitter realm. #Follow me as I take you on an adventure through my thoughts and emotions as well as retweets giving some a voice I could not find. You will find that I’M loyal and a huge supporter of GREAT MUSIC which is why the hashtag #teamPurpleWorld lives in my Bio!! #Smooches ♥ツ♥

Resect Loyalty Love are jus a few things to expect from this fam. TeamPurpleWorld is the team to be a part of. Follow the amazing @DaDrankKang for the absolute HOTTEST music & join the BADDEST!!! MuchLuv & MassiveRespect #teamPurpleWorld!!!!

💜✨☁🌟💜✨☁🌟💜✨☁🌟 Absolutely adore, all the Muzic… Here✨💜☁✨💜☁✨💜☁✨💜☁☁✨🌟☁💜✨🌟 loving the Greatest! #TeamPurpleWorld, Forever…💜☁✨🌟💜☁✨🌟💜☁✨🌟

Its really an honor being a prt of #teamPurpleWorld
Here you can meet new friends, loyal followers and ofcourse being expose to great music 🙂 #teampurpleworld all the way… Loads of love coming from Lj_Loves_oOu

Hatcha – all my life (music video)

Hatcha – eyes wide shut (net video)

Hatcha – grime spray out 2013

Hatcha – hip hop spray out 2013

Dj Warren B & mc’s Hatcha & Supah – dnb event 2013

Ey #salute #teamPurpleWorld.. I thought I should introduce myself to ya’ll. I’m Yankee Yekelo, u can follow me @avaccino.. I’d like to express my heartfelt thanx to @dadrankkang for letting me joing #teamPurpleWorld, it means a million to me.. Much Yankee love

When I joined I didn’t know what I was getting myself into…..but now I see that #teamPurpleWorld is the s**t! Im gaining followers every hour, meeting amazing people, and. It has killa music!!! I’m hooked like an addict!! 😀

#teamPurpleWorld is more than just a twitter gain team it’s a family made up of an amazing diverse group of people and we just keep GROWING! Join and be a part of something real not to mention the music is HOTTTTTTT! FOLLOW @DaDrankKang and get with the best! #1STLady @lizzyluvv1 #teamPurpleWorld we on a rise!

New to #teamPurpleWorld. I’m a very out spoken woman that says what I feel and think about feelings last.. I do tweet freaky shit at times, but who cant.. I tweet at random, I smoke hella weed, an love, did I say love music.. I love to be apart of positive things that brings people tgether.. I love makin new friends, an #teamPurpleWorld is the best.. Follow me on twitter @MzIIDamnGood4u as well as Instagram ‘same name’ glad to be here fam ..

follow me >>@Brisk_co

Thanks for welcoming
me into #TpW i #Salute
Each in every one u guys

All day

Really like you’re music. You set the bar much higher than others. Not easy to do. Wishing you continued success.

What it do people! This ya boi Dred Dun Dot check’n in from Georgia. Get at me on Twitter @meanmugthugdred and lets chop it up. I’m a rapper so I’ll be posting my links so check em out and share em and tell me what you think! Love is love! #TEAMPURPLEWORLD or nothing

Showing love to my #No.1 fam #teamPurpleWorld we the best.. Dont be shy mention me, I show love to any and all my fam.. Mad love and respect boi..
Hmu @MzIIDamnGood4u
#teamPurpleWorld on the rise to greatness

Its the place to be…best team great ppl, pleasure to be apart of #teampurpleworld much love. @romeofornow

#TeamPurpleWorld I’m Louis, new to this but nothing stays the same! I wish, you all the best! Thank you, Lizzy! She’s so, cool.

@Seek2Learn here…ShoutOut & Hello Everyone! Glad and Blessed To Become Family with #teamPurpleWorld. I operate #VPM V Promo Media – The “Universal Marketing, Promo and Networking Company”


I’m Here To Learn, Grow and Teach…Expand My Mind & My Business While Making The World A Better Place Through Vision, Hard Work, Positivity, Unity, Dedication, Love and Success Through Team Work.




this is the best team I ever had followed I swear are the best of the best total respect for @lizzyluuv1 she made ​​me believe in this powerful team # teampurpleworld forever

-600 Organic Twitter Followers = $50
-2500 Instagram Followers= $30
-5k Youtube Views =$15
-100 Youtube Likes=$25
-500 Youtube Subscribers=$25
-50 Youtube Comments= $50
-500 “Likes” facebook Fan page= $25
-5k Twitter Followers= $40
-1kSoundcloud Plays= $20
-5k Vimeo Views= $20
-1k ReverbNation Plays= $10
-500 Datpiff Streams= $10
-500 Facebook Posts=$40
-1000 Facebook Posts=$75
-1000 Facebook Group Invites =$35
-2000 Facebook Group Invites=$60
-$10 Weekly Twitter Promotion
-$20 Weekly Facebook Promotion
-$30 /100 Targeted Tweets
Call PureBliss Today

I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Sanitha from #ChiTown #ChiCity #Chicago and thank you for allowing me to be part of #TeamPurpleWorld I’m #TFB always

I’m Sanitha from #ChiCity #ChiTown and I wanted to thank u for allowing me to be part of #TeamPurpleWorld I am #TFB always

Hey #teamPurpleWorld! Definitely have to send luv to you all! I’m Ranee from California!! I’m 24 and a mom to one little girl who I love! I’m a huge music lover too! Its been great connecting with you all and still interacting with more of #tpw! If I haven’t followed you yet or you haven’t followed me you can find me @_Ranee_ looking forward to interacting with you all!

heyyy im feeling #teamPurpleWorld..da best group and family ever …im jeromey follow me twitter @Jeromey01
s/o to u al…#teamPurpleWorld all the way. we da team mehn!!!! love you to da max..follow @Jeromey01 on twitter

My Name is Solomon Straight I am 17 a junior at Cleveland Central Cathoilc I am gamer and also tweet a lot

Thanks to you all for exempting me I strongly appreciate it !! I’m 17 I live in Montgomery pa I play ball and any other sport and just love to chill #TeamPurpleWorld

This is my second twitter account I’ve had with teamPurpleWorld my first account got taken from me but I’m back. This is the best team out there. Thank you 😉

Hello #TeamPurpleWorld 🙂 I’m very glad I joined this fam ! I really appreciate all the love I’m getting ❤ Love you all #tpw @Snerhleigh

I Just became a Member of this Awesome team. I have seen how great this team operates. I am glad to be apart of the #teamPurpleWorld family
“We on the rise”

What’s up it’s ya boyy Yung Vadi just glad to be part of #teampurpleworld Follow me on twitter @Yung_Vadi_FNSE

└┘└┘└ from #teamPurpleWorld #BOSS

Thank you all for the love and support shown

#teamPurpleWorld WE ON A RISE!!


How’s it going #TeamPurpleWorld I’m lilshawtyO1 from Toronto, Canada I’m proud & Blessed to be apart of this wonderful family. Thank You for all the Love & Respect you have all shown me. Love You All

Shoutout to my new fam#boss#1STlady@lizzyluv1#teampurpleworld thank you all I appreciate your support.Am peace by name

Hi I’m ezxited to be a new member to #TeamPurpleWorld. Thanks for invite and welcome from @lizzyluv1,@tata_S_L and @dadrankkang.

Hi…Im pleased to be a part of this team who believe in God, family, love, honor and respect as the core of life…I will do my best to stay active and share what I believe can be inspiring… Im a nurse in psychology…. @foreverhon…

Hi everyone my name is Kameron I’m from Chicago I’m honored to be accepted into the family follow me @krush_flyboyy I follow back! #muchlove

As a new member today, I am glad I joined #teamPurpleWorld !! I am excited to get to connect with a lot of you. I live by God and my family and I’m happy to be apart of a team who believes in Him. #teamPurpleWorld SALUTE!

Being a new member today is hecka amazing…. some of you I see may know me as #PRINCESSLΔnta™(OnTwitta)♕ {CanBeABitOfADivaAtTimes }MmmmK lol but had to show love to my fam !!! lol hope everyone have a blessed day, and stay safe #Amen #TeaMPurpleWorld #YeeeeaaaBaby #Leggo

Hey Y’all I’m New To #teamPurpleWorld so follow me twitter @_foriegnrider and on Instagram @ToriMaccAss & I WILL FOLLOW BACK ASAP ! Show Me Love & I’ll Show You Love … And I’m Not A Ghostie On Either Social Network So I Will Be Interacting With You ! Thanks Boo !

Hi to all you beautiful people in the #TeamPurpleWorld family… Thanks for welcoming me. You’re the best!!!… 😇:D😍😙😘 💕

Hello all my #tpw family I’m shaybay218 on twitter so follow me I’ll follow back…I love my team nice to meet you all…Love Shayla

Hi everyone I’m JazzyJt I wanna thank the #BO$$ for letting me join #tpw I love this team. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on it. So FAM follow me on Twitter @JazzyJt and I will follow right back. Much love to all.

hey to all my #tpw people/family . follow me on twitter @naedaQUEEN_ and ill follow all ya back ♡ I love meeting new people so find me on twitter 🙂

Follow me👣👣 & I promise I’ll return the favor💙💚💛💜
Thanks you guys 😍😙😙

New member here…I’ve never felt so welcome and honored #teampurpleworld follow me on twitter @sonny370 will definately follow back

TPW All the way !! Been a member sonce 2013 ! From the very beginning ! Had to go MIA due to my old Account Gabbi_Crazy got blocked x…x
But im Back Fam ♡♡ Love you all ♡♡

Hello all @Reddwinefine checking in new to the family just wanted to say hi and glad to be apart of something as interesting as this #Teampurpleworld

Follow mee on twitter @savagequeeen 😁 im an up coming singer but my education comes first 👌 imma be loyal to my fam ♥ thanks guys

Im the newest solja from New York I’m nxva flash aka flashy guwap I’m a rapper director producer gfx disginer etc etc but I’m not going nowhere #teamPurpleworld
My twitter is @NXVAFLASH_YSL

Nice to meet everyone! My name is Cheyenne @MRSxHADES. I play mainly on the Xbox one. I love GTA and Advanced Warfare. My favorite hobby is singing!

i am innah macario. 18 yrs old and a incoming 3rd yr college civil engineering student and from Philippines.

I am a Friendly person and be nice with me:)

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