Iconic Chords Vol. 2 FREE!

As a continuation of the first Iconic Chords sample pack, Iconic Chords Volume 2 gives you 23 dope melodies for your music production needs all ROYALTY FREE! Make sure you check out its companion, the Iconic Chords ELITE edition. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we raised the bar with 10 more sizzling hot loops darker and richer than ever!

How to get the FREE Iconic Chords vol. 2 sample pack:

  1. Make sure you are already following our You Tube channel
  2. SCROLL BELOW THIS POST (not youtube) leave the comment “iconic chords 2 please”

(if you are not registered to this site you will be prompted to do so with your email address before you can comment)

Your sample pack download link will be sent to your registered email address. Please allow time for processing.

Please don’t just take the free gift and run…. we ask that you show your thanks and support and GET THE ICONIC CHORDS ELITE SAMPLE PACK HERE. All who support will receive another separate FREE GIFT courtesy of Dungeon Palace Studios.

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