The PurpleWorld Punch Pack Drum kit



Get ready to upgrade your library of sounds the PurpleWorld way!!

all here!! FROM JAZZ TO SOUL TO TRAP TO RNB TO ROCK… all here!!

THE PurpleWorld Punch Pack is useful for the beginner beat maker who needs to boost their library or the advanced producer who wants to enhance his creations!!

HOW TO GET YOUR PurpleWorld Punch Pack:

1. Register below with your email address
2.  in the comment section write …
” #teamPurpleWorld Punch Pack please”
THATS IT!!! Your PUNCH PACK will be sent to your registered email address!
Please allow time for your order to be processed as we have many to fill.

Enjoy! Also please subscribe to our YouTube channel for great music production tips beginner and advanced. PurpleWorld YOU TUBE CHANNEL

72 thoughts on “The PurpleWorld Punch Pack Drum kit

  1. Your beats are sick!! I checked you out on YouTube and subscribed

    #teamPurpleWorld punch pack please


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