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The Drank Kang releases another southern BANGER…
Off the mixtape “KANG OF KANGS”


17 replies on “GUCCI SHADES ON”

Been waiting for this one!!! Love everything the beat the lyrics that voice…….THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!! Got this on repeat on BLAST! Keep killin it papi! Madd respect & ♥ℓ๑νε♡ #tPW #4Life 💯

Now that’s that jam you want to listen to your music off the hook lyrics are sick keeps me listen in love this pa feeling your flow #muchlove #respect #tPW make you want more👊💯

GREAT SOUND BOSS! Amazing beat!! Like lyrics…and really LOVE your voice ❤ It’s so hard!!
#Muchluvv & #respect #tPW #4life

Everytime I hear DaDrankKang it makes me wanna put on some Gucci Shades, Turn it Up and watch everyone Jock’n my style! Love all the music you making. #Hot

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